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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 15, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sean and now five days after she has removed him from office based on information she found out on monday. and for >>: mission received raised concerns, about whether he can affectively lead this department at this particular moment in time. >> reporter: able to discuss personal matters of moment time refers to the sex scandal allegedly involving several oakland police officers and underage girl. the story first reported by kron 4. at this >>: moment time it's very important we are dealing with discussing allegations that that upset me greatly.
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>> reporter: the mayor also talked about the fact that this investigation into the scandal is also continuing chicken a release details of their to release to many the response will cannot be held accountable and blames lisa and the media for causing problems with all the mentally what could be a prosecution of the seven ball. a new chief foreign out that and police department we will see how long he lasts an office before the next one takes charge.
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>> grant: the changes this latest chapter in a story first broke.kron 4 reporter haaziq madyun had been looking into claims of officers' sexual misconduct since early may. on may 10th haaziq confirmed. at that time. 3 officers were on administrative leave and others were being investigated in connection with having sex with an underaged girl. >> grant:haaziq tracked down the woman at the center of the sex scandal who is now 18. and described herself as a call girl. police chief sean whent would not talk to us about the accusations. on may 17th. celeste guap confirmed to haaziq by text message that she had a relations with dozens of officers. but only a few when she was under one of the oakland officers was brendan o'brien who committed
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suicide in october 2015. when police were investigating his death they uncovered >> pam: >> grant:two weeks after we first broke the story. two officers that were on leave. resigned. report. police chief sean whent abruptly resigned. the mayor appointed ben fairow. a former opd commander to be be the interim chief. that was just five days ago. but his background was called into question. just yesterday. kron 4 was at richmond police department. as the woman at the center of the sex scandal talked to investigators there. the scandal now involves five agencies and dozens of officers. four alameda county sheriff's deputies that were being investigated have been cleared of any wrongdong.
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their anger about the revelations of abuse and misconduct within the oakland police department. today long time councilman larry reid said the city is in shambles. and there is more fallout to tell you about concerning the oakland police department and the sex scandal. that is embroiling the department and several others in the east bay. >> vicki:now two civil rights attorneys with close ties to o-
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p-d. are lashing out against the department. the two were involved in a past case with o-p-d. where officers were caught planting evidence on more than 100 people. that case brought in a court monitor. now the two are demanding the monitor be more involved - specifically to help oversee the hiring of officers in light of the sex scandal and other issues.
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two o-p-d officers have already left the department because of the sex scandal. three others are on administrative leave. >> grant:a 16-year-old oakland girl.fatally shot while at a vigil last night. will be remembered tonight. >> vicki:regginna jefferies was one of 4 people shot. the 3 others. are still recovering at the hospital this evening.expected to survive. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from 13th and franklin streets in oakland. where the community will be gathering once again.this remember jefferies. alecia? >>alecia: hundreds of people gathered at anaheim 14 then brought by yesterday evening more than two teams that diet drug over the memorial day weekend and being told that regina of the girl that was killed was a dancer of the vigil in the community will gather again this evening to more regina shot here on franklin 32 blocks away from where the visual is being held yesterday
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witnesses here last night say that this shooting stemmed from people fighting over game of dice. >>alecia: all the victims' were in their teens and early 20s the 24th homicide so far this year these shootings, stop.
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>> vicki:sources say the wife of the gunman in the orlando terror attack has told investigators commit a terror attack-- now, she may face charges for not telling police.something was in the works. >> reporter: tell us that she told investigators she was been led to it, it and act. in to talk him out of it did know that the supply of also claimed her husband behavior became increasingly violent and was afraid of him. we'll learn that she went with and the paul cyclo business brings early june. this is in the affairs believe he was casing before launching the attack.
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the des >> reporter: and its several phone calls law enforcement sources say he called a friend to say goodbye for landover the conversations from like a bathroom he says that he claimed he had accomplices with him if that were deemed access data from the killers phone it was damaged in the attack survivors simply throw to the wall 10 to the club water pipe bursts flooding the bathroom. >> reporter: the shooters phone was found submerged in water.
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telephone the offer any and asia arrests. community and how police officer killed and of the area and for men is a member after a san jose police officer was killed in the line of duty. how bay area law enforcement. is remebering officer mike katherman.
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>> grant: open-air cold case cast in the shadows for decades hoping that helps find the serial killer links the case the sketch you see is a man suspected and a man thursday of
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the east area. the man's arrest and conviction for 50 grand ally please answer a five all.
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>> reporter: shin's running high as law-enforcement communitybrown said quote. "anne and i entire community 7 other san jose police officer outside the san jose police headquarters and quite literally is growing by the minute there's a police motorcycle parked in front of the banner. june 14, 2016 and four officers.
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and then the 13th san jose in the line of duty and and hollister survive by two sons.
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>> britteny: areas alive look outside right now we are seeing a few clouds of flag is still blowing. . into the rest of tonight are clause will continue to increase satellite's radar shot showing the system right here. mainly for the north bay
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first and then clover dale dye to santa rosa even stretching down by 6:00 p.m. if you leave early the had the work and then and this will continue on and off a very spotty and a few sprinkles then heading into the evening things clear up nicely and quickly most oysters starts to push out to the east. for the
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cuts mid-50s and then take a look at 9:00, the chair is pretty much in the load mid-50s and as we head into tomorrow we notice cooler temperatures still in store for us and a little bit below average jalopy till friday that we go back above average. >> grant: >> pam: >> grant: row the city council approve this action does today fall board in effect since august 2014. the decision comes in response to a different approach to conserve water...which was the new system is called a "stress test." it requires urban water suppliers to ensure at least a three-year supply of water to customers under drought conditions. the santa rosa water agency determined the region has adequate amounts of water for
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the next three years. >> vicki: warriors will be cut without a key player. >> grant: year-old kid looking to break a world record as he tries to bring the san francisco bay waters
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>> grant: person being rescued with a black shirt. on the great highway near the cliff house in san francisco. certainly an area with steep cliffs and a lot of people find themselves in need of rescuing. we don't know exactly what happened to lead this guy and a troubled but it appears he is going to be ok we
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will keep you posted on the situation. >> grant:we are now 24-hours away from and the warriors got some bad news today. they will have to win the championship. without center andrew bogut. bogut went down. during the third quarter of game five when he blocked a shot by cleveland's j-r smith, then landed awkwardly. the warriors are calling it an "impaction injury". that resulted in serious bone bruises. bogut will need six to eight weeks to recover from his left knee injury. ruling him out for the remainder of the n-b-a finals. the team says bogut will *not need surgery.
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but some good news for the warriors. draymond green will be back for game six. green was suspended for game five because of a flagrant foul kron four's mark carpenter did travel to cleveland. he will be live tonight during our 8 and ten o'clock newscast with a game. tipoff is set for 6 p-m. >> vicki:a nine-year-old faced cold water, big waves and strong currents to become the youngest person ever to swim from san
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>> vicki: reports the caller claimed to be the shooter. >> reporter: a morning news 13
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producer knew something was not right. sharing with your the terror taking place became proprietor it until a phone call made it matt pause 45 and a technician began the phone rang. >>: did know what to say he starred thing he did it for an
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islamic state and i assess started speaking in arabic. at the time i did not know what he was saying he is speaking so fast that some said sir please speak in english paper he said i did fur prices. . >> reporter: metz said that there was one long pause before yet chance ask five questions. and always thought he replayed what happened reflecting he heard nothing in the background.
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the man >> grant: edging editor was able to research the phone number from where the call came in it matched mar phone number. deliver >> vicki: effeminate speech hours after the church service sunday only tragedy is more that more people did not die. he says that he is not telling his congregation to commit murder against algae bt community he says that was the government's job. >> reporter: in his sunday sermon that came hours after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s.
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history. he started at the church five years ago and draws over 200 followers to the west sacramento location from all over northern california. the
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house the cracks, and congress to ban people on the no-fly less from buying guns. >> vicki: call comes after omar opened fire inside the and orlando club and the fbi investigate the man twice and you still able to buy the gun. he was not on the no-fly list and democratic caucus chair wants republicans to join in supporting a no-fly know by bill. the congressman first
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introduced the bill but failed to pass on the floor last december. he says that he will reintroduce the bill. i to >> grant: understand warming trend that makes sense that is in the works >> britteny: will happen over the weekend that is great we will have a chance of showers in the morning that goes away by the weekend as well. a live look outside right now seeing a little bit of cloudiness. clots increase ahead of the rain which will get here for the north they first wind speeds will stay strong right now sustained 20 mi. an hour oakland 15 concord
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18 in santa rosa 17 in livermore temperatures 58 degrees in vallejo 66 unconquered 65 livermore's 59 degrees in redwood city. temperatures in seville in the '60s definitely have seen a below average day. steadily radar shot showing that the storm system situated to the north location they're helping bring in cooler air already seeing a few scattered showers in the north of our region. into the rest of tonight more moisture pushing on shore after midnight starting off in the north bay first that is slowly transitioning down southport's severance the scope redwood city this is at 6:00 a.m. early rising heading toward redwoods >> britteny: highs on regions the 65 vallejo's 64 richmond, 63 severances ago, at the low 70's.
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seven years on the bay, 59 armacost to. again look at friday a warming trend on the way which keeps going into the weekend. we have a week and forecast and the seven day coming up in 50 minutes. >> vicki: that a person never does of from san francisco out the trash and back again. it took james more than two hours to make that some on tuesday he did it in part because his dad offered a hundred dollars. >> vicki: said the delays were hitting him and made him consider giving. >>: i kept on doing it.
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at first base x a one of the rock it ought schedule assemble what a that mean it's come in up.
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>> grant:it happened at a metal recycling facility early this morning in maywood... a city just 25- angeles. officials say the blaze spread firefighters had to stop spraying the flames with water after it reacted with the several explosions. the fire prompted evacuations, a smoke advisory and resulted in power outages hoss officials decided to contain the flames and let the metals burn. a dozen businesses have been destroyed overnight in south san jose after a fire tore through a strip mall. it happened at the cahalan square shopping center on santa fire officials say it started when a trash bin caught firethat fire then spread to a shared attic space. a tattoo parlor, a liquor store, and a pet food supply store are among the 12 businesses destroyed. >> grant:
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>> vicki:roughly 100 firefighters were able to get the flames under control by 3- am. arson investigators responded to the exact cause of the fire is under investigation. big changes coming to your how the new software update will change your text messages and how photos are stored on your phone. i-phone screens could be getting a massive makeover.
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first >> steve: to italian about the sex scandal about the oakland apartment in. nonbanks to another question that in turn achieve budget came just days ago also out asking why. we hear from city leaders becoming increasingly frustrated with the department tonight at 6. ah >> grant:
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apple received a patent yesterday for a 360-degree screen for the i-phone. place a display on all sides of the phone. it's not known if the screen will actually appear on i-phones at all. because patents are sometimes just an idea. apple has not commented on the patent. mac. that's what apple debuted at conference taking place at cnn's mary moloney has that and >> reporter:instead of splashy new hardware software.
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known as i-o-s10 -- it's going to give your iphone and ipad a big update. first thing you'll notice? your messages. they're going to be snapchat- ified. so -- emojis are getting three times bigger. and when you tap the emoji butten -- it will automatically highlight words that can be replaced by emojis. you can also doodle on your photos or videos. or add splashy animated backgrounds like confetti or fireworks. and -- depending on your mood-- you can make your text grow or shrink with little animations. >> reporter:the apple photos app is also getting a makeover. essentially to catch up to google photos. automated features like face detection. when you tap on a friend's face -- you'll be able to see all photos with your friend from you can also search for places you've traveled. or even objects you've
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photographed. siri is going to get a lot more popular with developers. which means -- apps will be able to use siri. soon -- siri could order your but you're going to have to wait. most of these changes will roll out this fall. for consumer watch, i'm mary >> grant: >> catherine: >> grant:a reusable rocket crashes while trying to land on a drone ship off the coast of florida. the video you are watching shows spacex's "falcon 9" up in smoke after the crash. the video feed froze and viewers form spacex were uncertain if the landing was successful. before the failed landing the "falcon 9" launched two commercial satellites into crews from spacex knew the landing might be challenging due to the high orbit which creates high velocity.and reentry heat. the company says this was the hardest impact they had to deal with.and the drone ship is okay. a new restaurant in london is taking the old "no shoes, no shirt, no service" rule. a little too serious. >> vicki:in fact, at this eatery-- the less clothes, the better! bunyadi is london's first naked
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and the only rules are-- no cell phones-- and clothing is optional. the cuisine. is also raw- with vegan and non-vegan dishes. bunyadi currently has a waiting list of about 46-thousand people. so you might get in-- but only barely. chance of showers in the morning then warming up at end of the week into weekend. the hollywood rumor mill is buzzing. is friend's star jennifer aniston finally >> britteny: when a few clouds but also a lot of sunshine of a
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beautiful day all those on the cooler side temperatures on below average we warm up and then also above average and the weekend what to expect. it will watch for a chance of showers into tomorrow morning. and the warm things out that it starts on friday and continues saturday and sunday even into next week. when the conditions in oakland at 20 mi. an hour. , 15 concord. satellite read our shot showing a system you watch.
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that's lisbon's the south through san francisco richmond daly city through san mateo. and an author the morning and then if you have your pockets of rain. for i'll strive for us a. mix of sun and clouds preconditions expected and as we go out tomorrow morning oil that warmer than what we saw this morning yesterday's high from the rigid 70 fairfield 75 antioch 74 concord 73 hayward and 737 cisco. >> britteny: are back in the '90s for inland location, and by sunday and to next week's. >> vicki:
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the insider reveals the truth. next.
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new friend in the family? hollywood baby buzz says she's
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pregnant with her first child at 47! but hold off on the cigars, it's not true. the insider's louis aguirre is in hollywood with more. >> reporter: she may not be pregnant but the idea of welcoming motherhood is not that far-fetched we go inside of a brigade of miracle moms after 40. >> reporter: being decades of being asked yet another story line being turned out by tabloids and the not so so subtle headline damages of the 47 year-old shot days ago in the bahamas. she confidently rocking a bikini are rocking back on the panel board. of them pointed fun
5:57 pm
at the magazines. but the reputation says that it's no laughing matter she is not pregnant. what you see is her having enjoyed a delicious big lunch. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.
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steve aveson and pam moore are >> pam: violence clamming another young life in oakland a 16 year-old girl tonight what we are learning about the shooting, the teenager is being remembered >> steve: to find a man whose sexual assault said in a dorm we show you on the kron 4 news at 6. show you on the kron 4 news at 6. e water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that. tell me something i don't know. (vo) linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation, or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass.
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do not give linzess to children under 6 and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> pam:now on kron 4 news at six: a 16- year- old girl. killed
6:00 pm
right in the heart of oakland. we are learning who she is. and what happened in the moments >> steve:happening right now. a vigil for that teenager. it is at the same place where she was shot. kron 4's alecia reid is there. alecia? >>alecia: people just turning to gathered to remember regina. people i've been stopping by all afternoon all day long dropping off flowers and writing off kind notes. this comes as a shot here in downtown oakland. just shut here on franklin and 13th two blocks from where the vigil was being held yesterday. witnesses here last night say that this is shooting stems from people fighting over game of dice regina got caught in the crossfire.
6:01 pm
>>: i happen to see the young girl on her back and the place had there she is running around i knew she had gunshot. but she is going to be ok >> pam:as you may recall, kron four was the first to tell you
6:02 pm
about this >> reporter: instability in sexual misconduct allegations when she appointed five days later removed from office can somebody else as taking the reins of the department. the new interim chief of the police department.. she fired him on wednesday. on monday she received information which raised concerns as to whether he can lead the department at this critical time. i need a >>: have absolute
6:03 pm
confidence leader of this department can be 100 percent effective at leading cultural change based on the current allegations we take extremely seriously. >> reporter: involved several oakland police of the stairs and an underage girl. outside the mayor's news conference the oakland city councilman voice his disgust of the sexual misconduct scandal and changing of the guard at the police department. now tabbed by the
6:04 pm
mayor is to leave the department on temporary basis of fees searches for new interim chief and once that person has been place the search goes on nationwide for a permanent chief of the lp >> pam: and he was married he had a personal relationship with consenting adults. for that decade a goal and of which can lose him for fourth and on of my piece pay it and the departure from the oakland police department comes in the wake of questions
6:05 pm
/>> reporter: not as well as other of the enforcement officers reportedly had sex with a woman here. and we first brought this scandal several weeks ago. we reported how the officer committed suicide. and not behind a letter be telling his involvement with the underage teen a letter also implicated other at zero p d fact, guap has
6:06 pm
revealed an extensive list of officers she was involved with including those with opd, richmond, contra costa sheriff's department and the alameda county sheriff's department. >> reporter:a spokesperson with the alameda county district attorney's office tells kron four news they are investigating possible criminal charges which could include everyting from statuory rape, purchasing sex and human trafficking to name a few. sot/tc: 1:03 jim channin/attorney if they were involved with her, they should be prosecuted or at the least terminated. burris and jim channin are calling upon a court ordered monitor to step up theirsot/tc: more needs to be done. hiring that needs to be looked at. and it is not just the sex scandal, but the two attorneys also mentioned other problems with opd that they are upset about - and add they will be watching closely what happens
6:07 pm
next as internal affairs investigations continue. te in oakland, te >> steve:we have a lot more coverage on this breaking story on our website, kron 4 dot com. you'll find the history of this shakeup at the oakland police depart along with more on the ongoing sexual misconduct scandal. it's all at kron 4 dot com. >>:so we are continuing to do interviews to see if there's anybody that's associated, whether that means they were involved in the planning or the execution of this act, they will be brought to justice if and when we identify someone. >> steve:the investigation just keeps growing into the worst mass shooting in american history. today we learned the gunman who opened fire at an orlando nightclub -- called a friend and a television station -- during the mass murder. >> pam:49 people were killed in the attack. dozens were hurt. now the f-b-i has a new warning for other clubs in the orlando area.
6:08 pm
mary moloney, with our partners at c-n-n, has the story. deadly accurate. >> reporter:according to certification documents -- the orlando nightclub gunman once had a near perfect score testing his ability to shoot. for a job as a security guard -- he had to pass a firearms exam at a shooting range at least once a year. sunday morning -- the security guard wasn't at the range shooting at targets. instead he was gunning down people at a l-g-b-t nightclub. >>:"this was an act of violence born out of hate that inflicted terror on an entire community." >> reporter:during the mass murder -- the gunman called 911. investigators say he also called a friend to say goodbye. and he called an orlando t-v station. "he said, i'm the shooter. it's me. i'm the shooter. and i didn't know what to say. and he started saying he did it for the islamic state, he did it for
6:09 pm
isis and he started speaking in arabic. and that's when i said to him, sir please speak in english please sir? and he said i did it for isis, i did it for the islamic state." >> reporter:eventually -- police shot and killed the gunman. >>:"no one can prepare you for what the officers encountered that night. they stood toe to toe, went face to face with a mass murderer investigators are working to determine a motive for the murders. meanwhile, fbi agents are stressing, while there is no active threat, clubs around the country should stay alert. "i would call it a hate crime, i would call it terrorism. it's both." i'm mary moloney reporting. >> pam:we are also learning now. that the fbi investigation includes locations in the bay area. agents went to the east bay family home of the orlando
6:10 pm
>> steve:investigators believe that omar mateen's wife knew about the shooting plot ahead of time. charges could be filed against her. kron4's maureen kelly talked to a family friend. >>:i was surprised and all of us were shocked by what's going on. >> reporter:this woman is a family friend to the salman's who live here in this house in the hills of rodeo. 30 year old noor salaman married omar mateen in 2011 and together they have a three year old child. >> will: >>:she met him on facebook since she married i haven't seen her >> reporter:the friend is here visiting noor's mother to comfort her during this difficult time. >>:it really hurts i don't like to see my friend or anyone go thru this thing she doesn't know mateen and is upset by his actions. we deny these things >> reporter:she had nothing to say after her visit was over.never the less she was surrounded by local and national media who have descended on the normally quiet neighborhood. >>:nice people >> reporter: this man lives in the house next door to the salman's.he had nothing bad to say about them. >>:they are private quiet people
6:11 pm
>> reporter:what he doesn't like is all of this focus on his normally peaceful street >>:all the usually quiet now it's a mess so it's hard he doesn't know noor salman but is concerned for his neighbors.and for her child.especially if she ended up facing charges related to the massacre. it's another child alone in this world the salman family was home today. when i knocked on the door they said they have no comment, maureen kelly kron4 news >> steve:the orlando massacre has reignited the debate over gun control. today, it took a new turn. the the trial is a expect it to take up the pot has billion
6:12 pm
dollars dollars. >> pam:a sad ending to the story of 2-year-old. snagged by an alligator in orlando. more on the child and what wintesses reporrted seeing. plus remembvering one of their own. >> steve: job. a tragic turn to a story we have been following since yesterday.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> pam:a 2-year-old boy. snatched by an alligator from a beach at walt disney world. >> steve:today authorities say they found his body. and are zeroing in on the gator that did it. paul mueller with our sister station in florida found out who the boy is and what witnesses reported seeing. * * * >> reporter: tariff announcing that they did find a body of the two year-old elena graves. 70 hours of searching natalie on the ground and the air using technology and elegant. we do know that the body was intact. >> reporter: us started unfolding around 9:00 p.m.. .
6:16 pm
here in disney when the boy the two-year old war in. and unable to do so then contact the lifeguard from their a massive response. they have been searching for boy again they it found the boy as. far as the alligator that snatched him from the shore fabric covered five alligators for. they are not sure at the alligator in question is one of those alligators. there are signs here saying that there is nestling in of. a sign be aware of alligators. the officials say they are looking into that.
6:17 pm
>> steve:for the second time in a little over a year san jose is mourning the death of a police officer kron four's rob fladeboe shows you the outpouring of support for officer michael katherman, >> reporter:among those paying tribute to the growing memorial for officer michael katherman here outside police headquarters was coriinne bui, whose husband is also a police officer. sot corinne bui/wife of police officer >>: as a wife you often. an 11 year veteran of the department, michael katherman was killed on tuesday afternoon when
6:18 pm
his motorcycle collided with a mayor sam liccardo tweeting that katherman died performing his noble duty to protect and serve. with flags at half staff, school children, firefighters and fellow law enforcement >>: everyday exposure from criminal threats or traffic accidents survive. >> reporter:officer katherman is the 13th san jose police officer to die in the line of duty. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> pam:it is a case investigators have tried to crack for years. involving a man dubbed 'the east area rapist'. now they are offering a 50- thousand dollar reward. to find a man. said to have committed almost 200-crimes and the cases
6:19 pm
involve a lot more than rape. you can see here. the areas hit by the suspect in the bay area. police say he started his rampage here in northern down the state. here is a sketch of the man... who is suspected of at least 12- burglaries throughout the state... in the 1970's and authorities say, the masked and armed rapist... would break into homes while single women or couples were sleeping. pile dishes on his back and rape the woman. he would threaten to kill them authorities decided to publicize the case again... in advance of that date marks the 40th anniversary of his first known assault in sacramento county. >>: will launch and a national campaign to help identify east area rapist golden state killer.
6:20 pm
on known subject terrorize the community and the greater secretary region from 1976 to 1978 and 1979 the california. >> pam: pia'sif the killer is still alive... police say, he is likely between the f-b-i has created a website offering more information about the killer. and where the crimes took place. >> steve:a man wanted for molesting at least five girls in millbrae has been caught. in utah. latu kamisese lavaki was arrested in a suburb of salt lake city. the san mateo county sheriff's office had been investigating him for months. his accused of several molestations between 1985 and 2006. they suspect there may be more lavaki is in jail in salt lake city and awaiting extradition. >> steve:san jose state police need help they say happened at a
6:21 pm
dorm. they released this surveillance video to kron 4 today. it shows the suspect walking into the building. the alleged assault happened in march at washburn residence hall. the man is described as white. over six-feet tall. weighing 200 pounds. he was wearing a grey v-neck tee-shirt. the santa rosa city council drought restrictions have been in effect since august 2014. to a different approach to conserve water... which was implemented in may. the new system requires urban water suppliers to ensure at least a three-year supply of water to customers under drought conditions. the santa rosa water agency determined the region has adequate amounts of water for the next three years. >> pam: north bay macy's some rain tomorrow, or tomorrow >> britteny: it to our morning
6:22 pm
we start to see in the north bay and slow transition closer to san francisco we break it down for you live look outside right now the track conditions outside developing and then a lot of loose guy and a lot of sunshine and the rest of tonight we see partly cloudy skies and letter when spades with the exception of oakland. we were things up and that quebeckers stay dry. >> britteny: '60s and these reaches. and even spread for us and definitely below average we see a lot more '70s even 80 the on the map. that right now 17 mi. an hour oakland 16 hayward 20 fairfield 21 livermore when.
6:23 pm
gusts of 35 m.p.h. celebrate our shots show this is a system that will bring us the cooler air also more moisture and showers as we go into your next couple hours. >> britteny: will be after midnight into tomorrow morning the the. to cast showing it starts to move in in the north they first by 6:00 a.m. zero. widespread rains and rose said down into that the center fell richmond san francisco daily city in toussaint mattel. then as we go into 10:00 we are dealing with the on and off hours. at the push into your 1:00 hour you are dealing with little light rain. >> britteny: with the clear things out nicely your wake-up temperatures in the '50s. -70 in fairfield seven, five antiauxin, 64 richmond, 63 san francisco, 70 forecast showing a warming trend is just going to
6:24 pm
begin. you notice the difference heading into friday take a look at saturday. a sixth for a ninth spot, the mid-60s along the coast of, by sunday back to the '90s. we stay there into next week. >> pam:up next: tech companies are being sued. the role they're being accused of in the deadly paris terror attacks. and a little later: a huge fire near los angeles. explosion. caught on camera.
6:25 pm
hi. is the internet still out? yes! come on. work together. work together. do you have anything? no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please.
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he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability at an everyday price with no extra fees. keep calm, your internet's on. >> steve: of the 130 victims killed in the attack has now single face but i grounds that the companies provided the material support to the terrorists explain that the company's knowingly at 0 at
6:27 pm
ices come at and also released statement saying that the lawsuit has no merit. >> pam: chevy finally over and the wreckage from an egypt air flight that crashed over the mediterranean, in the mark >> steve: before loan or thinking about refinancing interest rates will not be going up soon to tell you why week and then to the united kingdom. >> pam: is not a vocal and the interim police chief outdid after five days on the job of digging into latest shake-up
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: will come the departments of american find a new interim chief. she and information monday fell i heard a question the decision to put him in charge for specialists time when the flow pd is dealing with sexual misconduct allegations mayor would not going any further detail segments the lover of its share from discussing personal matters involving police officers
6:31 pm
they're also looking into this case to save their there is any possible criminal charges. it
6:32 pm
stuck the gun and mother-in-law authorities try to track down the movements of a massacre and establish what they knew leading up to. >> reporter: home and said that no comment. >> reporter: the community is gathering together the this evening to mourn the loss of regina shot and killed last night. a great dancer on 14th broadway yesterday evening.
6:33 pm
for an >> reporter: and what causes turmoil the gulf and flams some businesses destroyed the fire started at around midnight so massive it so quickly that it isn't a fire department to half-hour's he just to contain the fire there are here for eight hours at i'll that the hot spots are out investigators want to know where it started out started. construction crews out here all day to remind people from going inside the buildings. >> steve: a real scare for firefighters at the earlier watch what happens. fighting a flame is item metal yard near los angeles. a white flash right there not fit all on video
6:34 pm
that's magnesium exploding 10,000 lbs. of shaving buring firefighters could not use water cuts that would make even more. more in what was heard during the last four fighting the fire. >> pam: the cruise with a the the to draw on a man on the distribution that wreckage.
6:35 pm
>> britteny: look outside right now we are seeing clouds that continue to build into the rest of tonight and in the north bay. heading into tomorrow morning temperatures start slowly climbing back up if. highs at
6:36 pm
with a 75 and 63 san francisco. >> britteny: another look at the sunday forecast at the end of the shelf. >> steve: federal reserve will hold off raising interest rates. they presented a mixed picture of the with the economy can get the same time slot. is the next thursday. it says growth is starting to"clearly this is a very united kingdom and for europe. "it is a decision that could have consequences for economic and financial conditions in global financial markets. "if it does so it could have consequences in turn for the us factor in deciding on the the fed did indicate a short- term rate hike is possible later this year. and may even do it twice what does life look like after the first lady opens up about what she's looking forward to when president obama's term is
6:37 pm
over. sfx:you hear that?ing up that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as 69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day!
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>> vicki: getting it down 24 hours away from the nba finals
6:40 pm
the buildings they hoping to win back-to-back and the hall floor once again and then at 8:00 as the dubs gear up for the knockout blow tonight i news at 8. >> reporter: rumors he was transition of of the htl daily wrap. after richard simmons was recently hospitalized, there were rumors that he was transitioning from male to post, he set the record case, but that he supports those who are going through that his thoughts are with the people of orlando and all other victims of prejudice, bigotry and hate. michelle obama appeared with
6:41 pm
oprah at the white house summit on the united state of women. they discussed the orlando tragedy but also lighter topics, like michelle's post white house life. she said she's looking forward to going to target and cvs. who knew? the flotus also called barack quote "swagalicious." which is probably the cutest thing the first lady has ever called the president of the united states fans of misery rejoice, "curb your enthusiasm" is returning to hbo after a five year absence. creator and star larry david words of julius caesar, i left, i did nothing, i returned." that's all for the htl daily >> pam:tomorrow's game 6 of the nba finals falls exactly one year to the day that the warriors defeated the cavaliers in cleveland in game 6 last season to win the nba title the warriors come in to game 6 tomorrow up 3-games-to-2 again with a chance to do the same thing all over again
6:42 pm
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>> gary: ready to go tomorrow night the warriors worked it out some day. with green the wires prepare for game 6 and we same as a viable from last game but who knows what james would have done. the woman got afraid to if they had dreamed of dancing around inside. that's the big deal tomorrow they will miss another player but with greenbacks i think her it will put a stop and look right and the garbage. he will be ready to go here is green. >>: 08 a be put back on the floor. i take pride in being a good teammate so whether there's
6:46 pm
pride or however you want to label let a half ago bought beyond being a good teammate. that can never jump in front of that. i put myself at a position where the way eluate it's awful . that pride in being better. >> gary: the plaza at never happen the guy suspended for game in nba finals, and mvp of the lawyers come back and win and greene plays pretty well. for the >> gary: record book is my game 6 falls one year today the warriors beat the cavaliers and cleveland. it will be cleveland's 10 1/2 points favorite. them anything at him a
6:47 pm
one-year anniversary of the warriors taking the title >> gary: as dimensions . the guts of our night he accompany the team on the
6:48 pm
airplane yesterday by his knee injury will not require surgery that is the good as. will be out in eight weeks and the off- season as write upon us. the only thing that they can use as six fouls pushing and shoving inside over the next two games if it goes to. >> grant: the best player not named. >> gary: comeback and say what a mess and not stop what comes off.
6:49 pm
expect >> gary: 7 f-at least $5,000. and that has earned a dollar or two. auction offer 5700 and this may be number one in 2002 the piece of gum diamondback it sold in an online auction of four $10,000 get money in your pocket and money to burn the go-ahead. ms. lafayette was 2013 that he gets 10,000.
6:50 pm
>> gary: rebroadcasts years since 1972 arnel name good naturedly during the regular season and everyone is kind of a warming to this guy is a side and the nba even though he does not work for abc has said we put him on the sidelines. and at 27 reporter tomorrow night spends his entire kron 4 and by all accounts i've pretty great guy. the giant >> gary: completing a three game sweep johnny seven
6:51 pm
innings of one run nine strikeouts really god and we've been talking so much that the giants right now are stretching out in the national league west. he gets the when today he goes now 10-1 >> gary: 4 hits last night an rbi mad duffy getting ready the do his thing struggling of late but throwing by cries here we go for errors in the game and then 101 giants 41 and 26 first and the national league west. go for errors in the game and then 101 giants 41 and 26 first and the national league west. the giants in a veneer.
6:52 pm
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>> steve: result flight delays are bat and plan to get worse this staffing shortages and other firing hiring freeze and to other 13 not fully recovered training as also lengthy and takes up to four years for new hires. >> britteny: few showers moving subtly transitioning the san francisco tomorrow morning ,$ 8drw
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
"the insider," tracking the
6:59 pm
biggest stories making news today. >> number one, did jen aniston just join the mommy after 40 club? >> my husband and i are planning our family. >> our fertility expert weighs in on the growing phenomenon. >> a lot more women wait these days to have babies. then, two of the wor most powerful women unite. oprah grilling michelle obama about her biggest post white house wishes. >> i want to go to target again! >> number three, seth meyers opens up on late night struggle to address the orlando m plus, our "insider" bonu responsible for j-law's body and john snow's commanding abs. her trainer's tips for a hot bikini bod by working out only 15 minutes a day.
7:00 pm
>> working your shoulders right here. >> is this going to give you the j-la now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo! could jennifer aniston be expecting a new friend in the family? hollywood baby business says she's pregnant with her first child at 47. but hold off on thecigars. it's not true. however, the idea of welcoming mother hood in the prime of your life is not that farfetched. >> our "insider" angle, the brigade of miracle moms after 40. >> when are you going to have a baby! >> the therouxs. >> when are you going to have a baby! >> after decades of being asked, here we go again wit another baby story line being turned out by tabloids. in touch magazine's not so subtle headline


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